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Eight Creative Technology under its education brand ‘Eight Youth’ has a shared mission to bring engaging enriched education to the youth of the UAE.  We have our creativity and innovation programmes that are educational but also reflect the needs of the world and the aspirations of our youth.  To encourage creativity & innovation and to see results.


Authors, designers, app developers, architects, entrepreneurs, publicists, engineers, poets, editors, events managers are a few of the skills nurtured with our programmes.  We don’t just facilitate these experiences, we see creations brought to life by these programmes helping our youth find their true voice.


Experiences that typically would have to wait until 18+, they can engage in now.  


Our own organic programs coupled with our partnership with world leading university Stanford, allows us to bring unparalleled original courses to youth, both face to face and online.


We are sure if we work together we can make an impact in UAE community and also with our online courses throughout the world.


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Ms Bengra


My son picked up many business ideas and now has a completely different mindset and the belief that one day he can make a name for himself.

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Ryan (Student)

BSAK, Abu Dhabi

We were very satisfied with the end result and the journey we had. I made many friends on this camp and I'm sure we will remain friends.

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Mr Al Hammadi


My daughter enjoyed working with like minded people and the careful guidance given to her by the mentors. The relaxed atmosphere and free spirit made a huge different to my daughters confidence.

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Samana (Student)

ACS, Abu Dhabi

This is something I would not think twice about doing again. I especially enjoyed the special guest speakers which were of very high quality!

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