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Venturist Summer 2021 Virtual Entrepreneurship Camp
Proudly brought to you by
Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development


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There are two camps which are 100% online

Open to all UAE residents across all emirates - Ages 10 - 17

Camp 1 - 25th July to 5th August 2021 between 12pm - 3pm daily

Camp 2 - 8th August to 19th August 2021 between 12pm - 3pm daily

What's this all about?

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This is our second year running an entrepreneurship Summer Camp.  The camp is graciously provided by Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development.  Our aim is to provide a high quality business camp that encourages the youth of the UAE to think outside the box, work collaboratively with their 'colleagues', produce interesting & innovative ideas that serve global demands and interests... and of course to have fun!

Hours are 12 - 3pm each day.  Typically each day will start with a session with all students which may be to introduce a topic, recap or introduce a special guest.  After a short break our entrepreneurs are then divided into their teams with a specialist tutor for support to work in small groups on their chosen business idea.

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What do I need?

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No paid software or subscriptions are required.  We require our entrepeneurs to have:

* Chrome Browser
* Zoom
* Working Gmail Account (not parents)
* Strong Wifi Connection
* Laptop or desktop PC (Mobiles and tablets are not suitable for this course)

We will be using google classroom and the google suite for the management and delivery of this camp.

Who are the tutors?

Mr Ben Moores (our course leader and last years tutor) and due to increased demand Ms Ola Al Azzeh.  Both tutors are highly skilled qualified teachers with 30 years combined experience. Both have taught and teach in outstanding schools in Abu Dhabi and have been certified to teach by the ministry of education with full safeguarding training.

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How do I apply?

Places are limited and we expect high demand.  If you are aged between 10 - 17 and reside in the UAE then you are eligible to apply.  Please click on the below link to fill in an application form. Good luck!